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Creatively Engaging the Masses

It’s frustrating to see the good guys, reasonably assumed as those who understand the lack of comprehensive primary care, are currently outnumbered in terms of active voices. What’s the cause? Dig deeper. The lack of knowledge about high-impact comprehensive primary care (CPC) and its importance in getting healthcare right. Most people have never had it, so they simply have no clue. Without it, we'll never get care right, regardless of coverage.

It remains one of our biggest challenges. Educating people about its attributes and how to get it at a low cost. That takes time, strategy, and the crowd. Up until now, the crowd wasn’t very focused. Enthusiastic, yes. They want to see CPC and its current best delivery vehicle, Direct Primary Care (DPC) take off. Gaining altitude with more exposure. Uncommon common-sense taking hold.

While we love the enthusiasm, they all have something in common. Lack of time, focus, and a noise-making crowd.

Our Patreon community exists to capture those who are committed and willing to be CPC disciples. To creatively engage, enlighten, and defend CPC and DPC to the masses.
We are all about crowd-sourcing massive change to CPC by educating the masses.

We are doing this with a methodical approach – Ready, Fire, Aim.  

  • FIRST ELEMENT - We knew we needed a place where people could receive a Masters in Getting Great Care. An MGGC degree, if you will. Our YouTube channel is now the home of earning a “Masters in Getting Great Care.” Taught by experts with MDs, RNs, and JDs after their names, the new channel is jam packed with insights and knowledge. We’re adding to it with more expert insights too.
  • SECOND ELEMENT - Our community’s skills, knowledge, and positive attitude. The difference between ours and other communities is focus, enthusiasm, and funding. Let’s face it, all the enthusiasm in the world isn’t going to change things unless there is some sort of awareness-building. That’s where our Patreon community comes in. With more small monthly membership fees, growing budgets allow more targeted, shareable social media ads, tailor-made videos, memes, spotlight influencers, and higher production values for the show. We’ve created Facebook communities, Twitter and Instagram feeds, and a LinkedIn account. 

    For now, we're focused on getting members and increasing our budget for more social media campaigns. We have the talent now to launch and build momentum – to a point. What's missing is more of you. 200 or so. That's when we can begin to roll out the formal media campaign. 
  • WHAT'S NEXT? - Please have a listen to the short video below with Hunter and social media guru, Michael Jackson, discussing what we're doing. After that, join WHFF Patreon Community. Your $5 monthly membership helps uplift our media channels, social media outreach, and grow educational opportunities. We’ll keep it transparent too, using quarterly reports on where those basic membership dollars were spent. 



The Crowd can be heard with your help. Getting better healthcare for all. One membership at a time. The Crowd can make a difference!

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