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There's more to healthcare than numbers!

True, they are eye-catching and we included one below! However, a healthcare revolution is underway, and many important stories are overlooked. Real life stories from experts on the frontlines are what we focus on. In many cases, you have drama, humor, and thought-provoking news to break. 

Ignore healthcare's pablum and dig a little deeper. Click on the videos below for some ideas and potential story sources.

Need one today? Easy. Loads of them are stored in Hunter's brain. Ask via the form below. However, the Resources and the Around the Web pages are good for ideas. If something catches your eye, drop us a line, we'll help you refine. 

Where to start? Try Episode One and Dr. Schimpff's wisdom about care while providing a deeper dive into the critical issues driving higher costs.

As healthcare's future unfolds, you may want an expert to bounce news and ideas off of. By experts, we mean people with MDs and DOs after their name. Dr. James Tinsley and Dr. Aimee Ostick are on the frontlines of healthcare's revolution. They, and their peers in DPC, are terrific resources about what's really going on where it matters.

One reason why Docs leave medicine.

"It's really a throwback to how we cared for patients 30 to 40 years ago."

Functional Medicine: New or just old fashioned medicine?

Healthcare need not be costly.

Patient time is crucial.

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