One listener asked what we use to produce the show

A lot of study went into these products. Below, we list them with some comments about their use, and why we chose them. 

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Yamaha Mixer


The choice here was rather simple. We wanted a great sounding board, with extra inputs in case we need them.

We chose this particular model for the USB interface and the on-board sound effects. 

We still use the mic and mixing board for Hunter's sound. 

A word about Mix-Minus setups. We did this quite easily once we figured out to use the line-in jack on the computer.

We found this YouTube video describing mix-minus set-up. Note the important point about where to plug in your headphones. Always the last link in the audio chain. In this case, it was the Tascam recorder. You want to know what the chip is recording.

Sony Headphones

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

After listening to many alternatives, and reading reviews, we chose Sony MDR-V6 studio "cans." Sadly, they're no longer sold by Amazon. However, the other choice is so close most people cannot tell the difference.  

The simple reason was the fact they are an industry standard for studio work. You hear the details (and the flaws) in the audio. That's because they are not the typical Beats heavy bass bias. They are flat, which means the audio is as recorded with minimal enhancement, if any.

They are plenty comfortable on the head too.

For the money, they're tough to beat.

Shure Lav Mic

Shure MX184 Condenser Microphone - Super-Cardioid

When we upgraded some of the studio gear, a microphone was on the list. 

Room accoustics were an issue. So, we researched how best to reduce room echo and noise. Leave it to Shure's MX184 Super Cardioid mic, which we highly recommend for an encho or reverb issue. The key is that Hunter doesn't move too much. That helps the Super Cardioid pattern reduce noise. If you move around a lot, then a cardioid 183 version might be better.

The Yamaha mixer has the required +48V phantom power. 


Audio Recorder

Tascam DR-40X

We studied this for a little while and went with the Tascam. Mostly because we wanted a quality unit and 4 channel inputs.

See the Zoom comunication service we use for the interviews now.

Knox Mic Shock Mount

For Audio-Technica

You'll need one but make sure it fits your mic. In this case, Audio-Technica's ATR2100-USB is the same size as the Sennheiser so we were good to go.

Mic Arm

Vivo height adjustable mount

We looked at cheap and went elsewhere. Vivo's arm provides a sturdy mount to a desk, which we wanted. It offered a pneumatic spring for smooth operation, though we don't move it much. We also wanted the option add their vocal recording booth, if we need it.


Logitech c920s

We decided on this stalwart webcam as it's stood the test of time. A lot of value for the money and the privacy cover is an added refinement.

Video quality is outstanding too.

Note: The price is way up due to COVID-19. We'd wait until they fall back to roughly the $49.95 we paid.

Interview software

We bought the Tascam recorder for our mix-minus set up.
However, once we used Zoom and their separate tracks recording function, we aren't looking back. Great platform. What we like most about it is each speaker has a separate track, which makes editing MUCH easier.

The Tascam is still useful in other ways. We may fiddle with using it as a backup recorder.  


Glide Gear TMP 75

We love teleprompters for that eye to eye look. Telepresence is so important these days. If we had a laptop, we'd buy this model from Glide Gear. See the other model we use for the show. Makes life so much easier interviewing guests. 


Glide Gear TMP 50

A godsend for interviewers, teleprompters help maintain eye contact while having a conversation. It’s also extremely helpful when reading a lot of text and time is short.

We use this with our Logitech c920s webcam. However, we use the included cell phone mount to move the camera higher and closer to the mirror.

Sound Editing


Call us a sucker for a lot of value for free. Audacity is perfect for our needs. We don't do a lot of sound engineering so editing and some basic noise reduction is about the most we'll do.

Lapel Mic

Boya BY-M1

This is a terrific little mic we use for our teleprompter work.

Our PromptSmart Pro software didn't work as well with the built-in mic on our Samsung A1 Tablet. It unexpectantly paused at certain times.

The Boya helped the software run smoother and with less time spent for us.

We've recommended this mic to physicians doing their video chats and presentations. They sound far better than with their built-in phone mics. 

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