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Making the old model obsolete!

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
― Buckminster Fuller

People are arguing over where healthcare goes next. The afraid, angry, and frustrated. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt aren’t good.

COVID-19 is a medical tsunami. Laying waste to old regulations and thinking, it’s pointing out the current system’s obsolescence. Especially primary care's access and patient time. Physicians and patients alike seek a better path forward. One that accounts for medicine's personalization. 

Some see an opportunity in all this chaos. DPC Sherpas take advantage of the new environment. Bringing better healthcare to their communities while helping their friends and neighbors. 

WHFF Community

Who: Current Direct Primary Care (DPC) patients number in the hundreds of thousands and are perhaps the single best way to achieve mass conversion to Comprehensive Primary Care (CPC). Among them are highly motivated, dynamic people ready to inform, educate, advocate, and guide people towards better healthcare.

There are many more who know about DPC and want one a DPC physician in their communities. 

Why: To move us forward, DPC must have local organizers who are closer to their communities. Focused on DPC's connection to CPC. Able to show people the way, much like the amazing and tireless Sherpas guiding people to Mt. Everest's summit.

What: DPC Sherpas in every state, with one selected as state leader to help local DPC Sherpas in their communities.

How: Dedicated YouTube channel to foster outreach and awareness. Content creation assistance. Dedicated community for sharing stories and ideas. 

It's the crowd at work, making a difference.

Where: Within our dedicated Patreon Sherpa Community.

What skills are needed?

Attitude! It starts with a positive attitude and open-mindedness to look beyond the horizon to see what's possible. Great attitudes also mean willing to learn new skills. Positive attitudes make that easier. There's plenty to learn and a DPC Sherpa will certainly experience positive personal growth.

People Skills. Below are the skills sets we look for in DPC Sherpas. This is community organizing 101 and people skills are vital.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA SAVVY - Setting up and managing a Facebook group to engage your local audience. Creating a LinkedIn listing to engage businesses. Sharing content and messages.    
  • GETTING OUT IN PUBLIC - Presentations to local groups. Media appearances including the Winning Healthcare Food Fights (WHFF) show.
  • NETWORKING SKILLS - Attending and creating events to exchange ideas and develop relationships. It's not just about collecting business cards. It's asking permission to add influencers to an insider update on getting better healthcare.
  • BASIC VIDEO SKILLS - We believe in the power of video as an effective tool for getting better care in our communities. Having videos of events where DPC Sherpas appear, a personal progress diary, and local footage, provides content for our media campaigns, and WHFF Show. A simple cell phone camera will do.
  • A KNACK FOR EDUCATING - Organizers are educators by nature and we sure need them now. More than ever to drive mass-conversion.


MAKE YOUR MARK WITH HELP! We created an initial action plan to follow. It’s a living “Wiki-type" document for refinement and updating by DPC Sherpas. The plan provides focus and clarity on how to move forward. First is learning about DPC and great care. The Master Class videos are freely available. We've created the artwork for business cards and banners for social media accounts.

Above all, we want to make this as easy to do as possible.

As the DPC Sherpa community grows, so too will our tools and influence. 


Funding makes this move. WHFF's $5 monthly membership helps us uplift our media channels, social media, and grow educational opportunities. It's crowdfunding the change. We’ll keep it transparent too. Quarterly reports on where those basic membership dollars were spent to support our purpose. Patreon's platform encourages transparency.

No, it's not much individually. But as the crowd grows, so do the possibilities to reach more people, spotlight positive developments, and provide news about the DPC's growth. Through our medica channels, we'll spotlight community success stories including businesses and the Sherpas.

There's also a considerable amount of time, money, and effort we've made to make a DPC Sherpa's path easier. It's jump-started and we're far ahead of where most new efforts begin. 


The Crowd can be heard with your help. Getting better healthcare for all.
One membership at a time. The Crowd can make a difference!

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