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Questions Are More Important Than Answers

People don’t have the same knowledge or experience you do, so they listen through their own filter. With healthcare, many people assume everyone else interprets their words as intended and correctly understands what is meant. In my research, I found this filtering by experience and knowledge to be true, especially living in a small country with many expats. Other countries have different medical care from America, and the differences are not limited to just their payment schemes. Care delivery differs significantly as well.
Listening, truly listening, is wanting to learn

People tend to be poor listeners as they are not paying attention to what someone is saying, but are instead thinking about what they will say next. Listening goes out the window at times, which only compounds arguments. Take a hint from human anatomy. We have two ears and one mouth, so you should listen twice as much as you talk. Great listeners also focus on asking probing questions. They may ask why many times before arriving at the problem’s root cause.

“Questions are the creative acts of the intelligence.” — Aristotle

Asking better questions and listening to the answers will help you guide conversations by filling in important blank spaces. You know what you know but not what they know.
When I have healthcare conversations, I ask a few key questions first. Asking questions forces the listener to stop thinking about whatever else is on their mind or what they are going to say next. Instead, it forces them to focus on their answers to my questions. It’s human nature at work, so use that to your advantage in conversations.  


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