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"Who are those guys?" - Butch Cassidy

Hunter N. Schultz

Born and raised in the Chicago area, he worked in the automotive industry as a car salesperson and racing team manager, financial services as a Registered Representative, and member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange.

A short stint in computer software sales led to co-founding an e-commerce company, which blossomed into one of the first IBM e-Business partners, followed by air and water purification environmental services.

In Panama, he built aircharterpanama.com to promote aviation charter businesses. Google consistently ranks it in the top three results. He co-founded an air medical transport service using the membership model, like Direct Primary Care.

For the last seven years, he's represented two businesses delivering protective medical care to high-net-worth individuals by former White House physicians and is writing the show’s companion book. 

Currently, he writes for two publications on Medium.com covering personal development and health subjects.

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