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Winning Healthcare Food Fights educates people with facts not covered in typical media two-minute soundbites. A weekly show covering important healthcare issues in-depth, you'll hear from physicians, and noteable healthcare pros who help you have better conversations about healthcare. With facts to back up your views. 
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Latest Episode: COVID 2020 -- What's Good About It?

While it's tough looking beyond the sad stories, there are some bright spots emerging and ready for action once we're back to some kind of normal.

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From his vantage point in Panama, Hunter Schultz saw healthcare conversations all too often wind up being verbal food fights at expat get-togethers, and in comments for blog posts and articles.
As an expat for over 15 years, he's gleaned valuable insights from the world's finest physicians, and his healthcare in Panama. While providing a view of the forest and trees with more clarity, it also helps ask outstanding healthcare experts the right questions.
Helping you understand great healthcare’s attributes is one of the show’s objectives.
His book is the companion to the show. Quickly bringing you up to speed, he covers the backstories you’ll be hearing. It's one way to support the show too. As are a growing list of other books, products and resources.
We welcome show ideas, suggestions, and yes, constructive criticism, which he appreciates. And there you are. 

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Disclaimer: No medical advice is offered here. In fact, the whole purpose of the show centers on having a primary care physician as your focal point for care. Simple and easy. Guest opinions are their own. 

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