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Winning Healthcare Food Fights educates people with facts not covered in typical media two-minute soundbites. A show covering important healthcare issues in-depth, you'll hear from physicians, and notable healthcare pros who help you have better healthcare conversations. With facts to back up your views.

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Knowledge News Spotlight 1

Released in 1997, Gattaca presents a future dictated by one's genome defining one's future. Chilling is one word to describe this account of how government instrusion into healthcare spirals out of control. One would think this is still farfetched today. As Hunter points out in numerous shows, that's not the case. Sadly, it's moving in that direction. Twila Brase completes the picture with her episode.

Knowledge News Spotlight 2

Well, okay, not so much knowledge as entertainment, but Doc Martin is one heck of a TV show. A brilliant London surgeon develops a blood phobia, and that's all she wrote for him.

So, what's a grumpy, obstinate MD to do? Well, if you're Dr. Martin Ellingham, you move to the picturesque village of Port Wenn in Cornwall to be the local GP. The comedy ensues as the locals see him in action. For some reason, they call him Doc Martin, instead of Doctor Ellingham. A few local gals call him another, rather rude name. 

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