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Winning Healthcare Food Fights educates people with facts not covered in typical media two-minute soundbites. A weekly show covering important healthcare issues in-depth, you'll hear from physicians, and notable healthcare pros who help you have better conversations about healthcare. With facts to back up your views. 

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We got ready. We fired. Now, we're aiming.

We spent years researching, asking questions, taking notes, and just plain thinking. All the while we noted something was missing. Getting Ready.

By mid-2019, we weren't seeing what needed to be done. It was time to do something about it. So, we launched the weekly show in November. Fire.

On Easter Sunday, in the middle of a pandemic, we launched our Patreon Community. And why not? We have some very specific tasks in mind, doing what some say is well nigh impossible. We say otherwise. The key is the crowd. Aim

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Disclaimer: No medical advice is offered here. In fact, the whole purpose of the show centers on having a primary care physician as your focal point for care. Simple and easy. Guest opinions are their own. 

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